Welcome to the FF4L Affilates "How To" section.

We all like to earn a little extra income so, let me show you how simple this is...

Below are a few screenshots, hey, an image is worth a thousand words right? But, there are simple instructions too so, to that end, let's get started.

How much you can earn is shown at the bottom of this page

1: Simply go to MY TOOLS then click EARNINGS on the top toolbar as in image below...

2: Next you will see your EARNINGS/AFFILIATE page, on here you can see a dates selection, on the right you will notice some titles, they are CLICKS (how many visitors clicked your affiliate link), SALES (How many purchases have been made using your affiliate link), REFUND (How many refunds the system has made to buyers), CONVERSIONS (How many actually bought to how many clicks in a percentage), DEBIT (This is the amount withdrawn/paid to you), CREDIT (How much is in your fund), COMM (How much in commission you have made)...

3: On the same page using the same graph/display you will notice on the LEFT that there is a title PRODUCTS, under this you will see TOTAL CLICKS FOR THE MAIN AFF. LINK, you can ignor this one as it is only for notice purposes, next you will see FF4L MEMBERSHIP (This is also known as a PRODUCT), for now, this is the product you are an affiliate of, in this LEFT list we will be adding further products for you to earn extra affiliate commission on.

4: To use this link to promote/sell our membership to others and make you affiliate commissons at the same time all you need do is promote/use/add to anything you wish this link, (we will help you with this), when anyone clicks it this will send them to our main page where they can also join as a member, YOUR LINK WILL NOT SHOW YOUR AFFILIATE (cloaking), the visitor once they click the link will ONLY see our website address.

5: How to get this link.  All you need do (this may be slightly different for different browsers) is RIGHT CLICK your "Aff link for this product" blue link, a drop down box will appear, next click the "Copy link address/location" then paste into a Word document or Text pad to use later, you will need to save this!


First of all as you know the membership is £29, this is known as the BASE PRICE, we use this base price to calculate your commissions/payments so, let me break this down for you.

1: You get just ONE person to click your affiliate link, they join as a member, this will pay you 33% equal to £9.50.

2: Your new affiliate person who joined can also earn you further commission, if someone joins from THEIR affiliate link this PAYS YOU AGAIN, this time it is a smaller amount but adds to your income, this will be 50% of your initial 33%, meaning you receive an EXTRA £4.75, your total affiliate commission for just ADDING ONE PERSON would be £14.25, NOT BAD FOR JUST 2 CLICKS! Just imagine if you get 30, 40, 50, heck even a 100 to join, YOUR COMMISSIONS WILL SKY ROCKET!

3: We WILL be adding MORE products for you to promote as we go, these will be high commisson affilaite sales for you SO KEEP WATCHING as we will add them under your AFF PRODUCTS LIST!