A special time saving tool specifically for FF4L Members only, with this amazing Article curator, creator and spinner you are able to search using keyword or keywords.  you can search upto 10 articles at any one time.


Type in ANY keyword or keywords into the top bx named "Keyword", next you can choose to keep the original article as it is or "spin" it, so, in the box named "Rewrite Article" choose either "Keep Original" or "Make Unique" if you choose "Make Unique" you will be asked to provide an ACCESS KEY, please use the following word AccessKey2, copy and paste this into the "Access Key" box and then just click the SUBMIT button.

This will produce a list of articles and images relevant to your previously inserted keyword/s but they will have been spun to become unique, once your articles appear all you have to do is read through the ones of interest and copy then paste all or part of each into you blog/pages of choice.