The Ultimate Entrepreneurs' CRM

All contacts in one place. Easy to manage/action. Never lose a lead, turn customers into advocates!  Keep track of important metrics.  To watch any video/learn click any BLUE BOX title below, panel will open and reveal a tutorial, you can close each panel anytime simply by clicking it again.

Write/send proposals from within the CRM. Invoice & get paid directly. Track transactions per-contact or Company.  Turn Leads into Customers, Customers into Clients.


Manage contacts in a refined, pragmatic way


As business people we tend to group our stakeholders into one category, like 'Customers'. But each customer sees themselves as an individual, and the best businesses communicate with their stakeholders this way. Treating each contact relationship as a true relationship hugely increases your customer loyalty, brand awareness and lifetime value. With Zero BS CRM this methodology is built-in, so that contacting a customer is straightforward, and profitable 9 times out of 10.


Maintain your contact list Without limits.
Keep track of as many contacts as you can generate


As you build up your contact information, use tags and segments to record what makes this person different.


Know exactly what your contacts want and give it to them just when they need it. Make more money today.

Be smart with your data and make more sales.

Your Contact List is more than just a mailing list. Know what your customers have bought and what to sell them next. Use granular detail alongside tags and segments to get a macro-micro view of your customer-base. Just enough flexibility to store everything you need and promote best-practice contact relationship management, without all the nonsense features.

More than just an Email List

Mailing lists are useful for business, they're the first step to a properly organised contact database. Zero BS CRM gives you the simplicity of managing a mailing list, but with the flexibility & power of a full-blown complex CRM. (But we've taken out the nonsense features to leave just the Golden eggs!)

Custom Fields & Automatic Updates

Each business has it's own features. It's easy to add custom fields to your contacts, and with many ways to keep them updated, once you're set up, a lot of the day-to-day contact data upkeep is done for you!

 Unlimited multi-type custom fields

 Update via API, Forms, Sync Plugins, CSV Importer, or Manually


Tag your Contacts

Do you know who has spent the most with your business? Want to keep tabs on them and offer them that extra special service?

Tag your contact with a VIP status. Then leverage that data when it comes to future communications.

 Tag contacts to 'group' them

 Alternatively use Segments

Keep in touch with contacts

Zero BS CRM lets you send emails at the click of a button, automatically logging the communication against the contact record for you.

Send follow ups, and keep the relationship with your contacts fresh. It's proven that regular contact makes people more likely to purchase from you (compared to them forgetting who you are)

 Send Emails from the Contact Record

 Supports Click-2-call (Skype and PBX)

CRM Welcome Tour

Step through the various CRM areas with our Welcome Tour

Get Team Members Up To Speed

Zero BS CRM is already quite intuitive to use, as we've refined the UI and workflows. To help onboard new CRM users, we've written in a welcome tour which guides users around the CRM.


Get an overview of the basic CRM functionality


Learn where everything is within the CRM menu system

Learn where to Learn

As well as the Welcome Tour, there are "Learn More" buttons throughout the CRM, as the welcome tour suggests, clicking these anytime will give you a run-down of the feature you're currently using, (e.g. Edit Contact), as well as useful links to find out more info or watch a video on how to use this functionality.

Welcome Tour Steps

As you work through the welcome tour in Zero BS CRM, you'll see the key areas of the CRM in just few steps. Most users take 5-10 minutes to finish the welcome tour, and those that take notes as they go have seen a greater adoption rate. We suggest you get your team members to spend 30-60 minutes working through the tour for totally getting to grips with the CRM.