My Daily Fitness Routine | How I Keep 45 lbs OFF!

[TrafficContentVid id=1 ]hey guys I’m so excited to share my fitness routine with you I’ve actually had tons of questions about this and I mean my routine for the last several years has been very similar when it comes to my workouts I’ve been following the hot but he sweat guide 1.0 and 2.0 but now we have an LS F app and I’m so excited because things have changed and I’m like sticking to the app and I just absolutely am obsessed with it but the cool thing is in spring I feel like I’m kind of weird but I actually wake up earlier during the spring most people tend to wake up later because it’s dark later anyway I wake up earlier and I’m like ready to go so if I can get so much more done this time of year first thing I do is take my thyroid medication because I need it and the great news you guys is this is the first time in over a year I just got my blood work done and I actually have like normal levels like everything is good the last year I’ve got my blood work done like four or five times and they’ve been completely off every single time so they’re finally normal and I’m so happy it is amazing so I’ll do a little stretching in the morning rose water spray all over my face this is my favorite from Aparri I have it at my purse all over my house everyone in the office has it like I’m obsessed and then some essential oils because they just make you feel alive first thing in the morning like spray em or roll them on a little like peppermint is so energizing and just makes me feel way better can you just tell I like I love spring this is my favorite time of year well summer is next but my first favorite okay so obviously I’ll do my coffee first thing in the morning and you guys know I absolutely love my collagen creamer from vital like it always goes in my coffee if nothing else is in there it’s my milk my collagen and cinnamon and those are my go-to s before I have my coffee on an empty stomach I do my green juice so this is the one I’ve been making a lot lately it’s parsley dandelion greens celery lemon and ginger and it’s super detoxifying and just helps me feel like deep bloated after I drink it and it’s really good so when my coffee is ready I like headin to get dressed for the day and obviously like I’m gonna be working out and I try to work out first thing in the morning if I can this is like the most helpful little rack I ever got because I get so many new workout clothes all the time that they end up getting like lost in my giant closet so any new ones I get I leave out so I can try to wear the new ones first before they get forgotten so normally like start with my coffee get some work done I love like reading and working out at the table in the morning just because it’s different than sitting at my desk all day so I’ll start there and try to give myself like at least an hour of like just enjoying my coffee and enjoying the morning before I head out to work out okay so I’m not normally a gym person like I never liked the gym like growing up and stuff but obviously I love teaching classes so I’ve taught at a gym for a while and I do like going it’s like really rainy today so today is actually gonna be like a cardio abs day and the Ellis have app plan but since it’s rainy I can’t go for an outside run so we’re you know the gym and I’ll show you guys kind of my normal workout routine and what that looks like and just kind of talk to you about like I don’t know I feel like it’s important to tell you why I do the workouts the way I do them because I know there’s so many different programs out there so many different plans obviously like I lost 45 pounds and have continued to see my muscles pop my body tone and lean up and I really really believe this is the absolute best way to program it because you get the strengthening the endurance the calorie burn the fat burning like everything in a short amount of time 30 to 45 minutes max every day there’s like no one has more time than that like that’s all we have and I want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it so that’s how I like to do my workouts all right so a lot of programs usually will have like just super sets where you’re like combining usually two sometimes more exercises back to back with no breaks or you’ll do compound sets where you’re doing different muscle groups back-to-back or circuits where you’re kind of working the entire body but I like to take all of those things and put them into your week in those short workouts you have the most effective workouts you burn tons of calories you that muscle so they were out the hoppity sweat guy tore in the LSF app if you have the premium pack you’re gonna see all sorts of different programming and really what I like to do is do a three to one method so you have three exercises that are focused on specific muscle groups with one that is going to do like a burn out and the great thing about that is you’re able to focus on both like building strength and endurance then I like to also work on really shaping the muscles you’re able to get that body shape and like see the change physically maybe it’s getting a bigger booty slipping down your waistline whatever and then burn all of those calories so that you can see all the muscles revealed on the outside so that is what I focus on in the app especially you’re really gonna see that so that you’re getting the benefits of all of those amazing training programs in one spot so today I told you guys I have an ABS and cardio let’s see what it looks like we’ll see exactly what I have to do alright so for my adding cardio I have one circuit up as you guys I love working those because you’re able to strengthen your core before you do your cardio so we’re super important if you do strength exercises like these off your cardio you’re probably gonna be a little too fatigued and not be able get enough done so then at 30 to 45 minutes of enlist cardio I’m going to show you kind of what I like to do per list even though I’d like to switch it up I’m going to sweat so low but you also have the ability to do all the videos so I get Sunkist yoga flow chill out bodies cardio sweat there’s tons of videos right inside the app that are full-length or any at work today I’m gonna somewhat solo right after I get my absence oh this is intermediate level and I’m not showing those anyways I’m going to still add some weights on we’re going to do that rebo’s 20 of those butterfly crunches and cross legged crunch and then a forearm plank with alternating knee taps for 20 so I like to incorporate the weight again to really focus on making some change in the shape of my core you’re obviously going to build strength even without that but now I’m building shrinks and change in shape so grabbing that way we’re going to talk to the side it’s up and over [Music] do it a couple of times before hopping into your cardio and since I have a list I could go for a walk I can do yoga but I get really bored walking especially when I have to be inside just like walking on a treadmill so that’s where I like to watch that shouldn’t that clicked sometimes but I think I’m going to mix it up and do some stairs and treadmill a little bit of circuit so it’s you guys what that looks like I’m going to do the sweat so low to the playlist of my time is going I’m gonna hit those stairs but keep my hurry low for this [Music] [Music] [Music] so I love that adding like some of those leg lifts and walking to the side on the stairs and doing that stairs in general is great is you’re working more muscle so you’re building that strength getting working on your shape in your heart rate at that list which is amazing so an app depending on your level depending on the week you’re at you’re gonna have a variation of list miss and hit typed cardio because your body needs all those different types of cardio and see results to build strength and endurance and burn lots of fat so I’m gonna have to try them off for a little bit here’s what I like to do there just be in that your parole board I gotta mix it up so normally I like to do my cardio so Sheba’s list for like 45 minutes to an hour 30 minutes is really all you need but if you have more time might as well do it so I’ll do like 20 minutes on the stairs and then finish with 20 minutes on the treadmill but mixing it up so we’ll start just with a walk but I like to go three and three on my speed and my incline you gotta keep your muscles guessing all the time if you’re just like same ole same ole same ole gets boring for you and for your body alright that usually for about five minutes just like steady pace then I pick it up so still again keeping my heart rate lower so my speeds only gonna go up to three five that’s kind of my max when I’m walking on a treadmill I’m gonna take many quite up to 50 [Music] so my entire week is laid out in the app which is really nice because even though I’m a trainer certified personal trainer I’ve been doing that for years and years years I don’t like to have to think about it all the time either so it’s really great when I know it’s just one spot show up every day have exactly what I need legs and booty day coming for me next and I just love it because this is ready to go and I’m a music everything’s good in one spot the weights I should be using anyways the clothes part is when I built this program for all levels you’re gonna see the weight change depending on the level you’re at the reps you’re doing change the circuit that you’re doing are gonna increase as you get stronger and stronger so you’re always challenging your body okay so my post workout routine is just as important as my workout routine or even my pre-workout routine it’s so important you guys you have to make sure that you are taking care of your body giving it the rest the recovery and the fuel that it needs so you know I’ve been making these hanger bombs like nobody’s business like all day every day the recipe is on my Instagram so make sure you go follow out love sweat fitness and it’s under my food highlight and my hypo highlight you’ll see it in there so I get one of those to snack on to get some really fast just like healthy fats and proteins post-workout keep my water bottle with me so I’m staying hydrated as I’m stretching and doing everything and then the first thing I really do is spend some time just stretching out my muscle group so put on some music and just spend time moving and stretching so that I don’t get all tight after because what happens if I stretch at the gym is I want to get out of there cuz like who wants to just be at the gym so only stretch for like two minutes and I’m like bye I always tried to come home to stretch so I spend more time doing it and then foam rolling is next because you just need it it feels so good on the booty it’s like you know hurts so bad but hurts so good and I’ll say you can get rid of some cellulite which is pretty awesome so foam roll away and then this thing is like the coolest thing that ever happened it’s a hyper ice it’s basically like a gun that massages at like super intense speed so you can like change the speed or the intensity that you’re on I usually like go all the way up because I’m crazy but it really really helps get into those muscles and just relax them get rid of all those knots like multitasking again this is life but the cool thing is in the app you have so many amazing video so you can get like full stretching routines that are like specific body part or full body there’s the foam rolling video in there so you really have everything you need from like your workouts to your post-workout so you can track all your like goals and your entries in here of your photos like put your progress photos and take them right there take your measurements you can log it and be able to really track all the progress that you’re making along the way using the app and then obviously time shower because the girls probably don’t want me sitting in the office smelling so I take a cold shower after a workout just to like get my circulation like going everything and it feels so good it’s also really good for muscle recovery and that’s it [Music]

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